Sri Lanka launches campaign to boost plastic armbands cheaptourism during lean months

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A medical train funded by Lifeline Express, a charity in Hong Kong, visits the Tibet autonomous region to help people with cataracts. [Provided To China Daily]

COLOMBO, Sept. 12 - Sri Lanka"s Tourism Ministry has launched a new travel campaign to promote the island as a "year round" tourist destination in order to boost arrivals during the lean months, local media reported on Wednesday.

Tourism Minister John Amaratunga said the campaign titled "Island Escapes" was launched with an investment of Rs. 65 million (400,000 US dollars) and with the active participation of 33 industry stakeholders.

The campaign will be operational from September to November and April to June in order to increase arrivals.

Citing countries that had initiated such a campaign with fruitful outcomes, Amaratunga expressed confidence that "Island Escapes" would also be successful.

"We have seen countries like Singapore and Dubai do these kind of programs very successfully and based on the success of the campaign, we will fine-tune it next year," the minister said.

Over 1.5 million tourists have arrived in Sri Lanka between January to August this year.